Cultural Chinese Diet,Rose Garden Restaurant

The Rose Garden dining hall and 20 private rooms with different style can accommodate 1100 diners at the same time. You can taste different dish series with the true flavor from Liaoning, Canton and Sichuan etc. In addition, you can also taste the special golden prize cultural banquet of Rose.

According to the " Rose---the flower of Shenyang, Rose---the home of guests" theory, we integrated the culture of Qing Dynasty into the Rose Hotel corporation culture. With the culture symbol such as "dragon curve" "pepper eyes" "golden rose" and "rose wood", the Rose Hotel made a cultural environment.

The private rooms with different style can fit for your special hobby. Some of them have individual washroom and outside dish deliver window.
In 2003, the Rose "San Zhang Bin Banquet" which including "China well-known snack---San Zhang Bin" and China famous dishes "Braised sea-cucumber with scallion", "Sauted jellyfish and periwinkle with mustard", "Sauted agarics and mushroom", "Fried bean curd", won the highest prize "golden caldron" of the 3rd China food festival. In 2004, "Rose magic smell dumpling banquet" won the highest prize "golden caldron" of the 4th China Shenyang food festival. Man-han Banquet and Local favor Banquet are also well-known in the area.

Braised sea-cucumber
with scallion
Sauted agarics and mushroom
Fried bean curd
Deep fried pigeon
Sauteed jellyfish and perwinkle with mustard
Steamed was gourd around salted yolk
Fin soup with abalone
and sea-cucumber
Stewed abalone and oyster sauce
Lotus leaf cake with braised pyramidal pork
Sauted beef
with walnut
Three-sticks pancake
Boiled dumpling with prawn,
egg and leek

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