Shenyang Commercial City
It is one of the largest business retail enterprises in the Northeast of China. The saleroom per year is over RMB 100 million, and it is the holder of a stock company.
Route: Oppsite the Rose Hotel. Within 1 min.

Happy Family Shopping Mall
As the first Mall in China and the corn company of Liaoning Xinlong Group,the happy family is a comprehensive shopping mall that interates with shopping, catering,entertaiment and recreation.
Route:Go down the Pedestrian Street on the left, about 400 meters. Within 5 min walk.

New-Mart Shopping Mall
With 98000 area, The New-Mart intergrates with shoping and recreation in a new conception.It si the best and signal shop of Dalian Business Group.
Route:On the right of hotel, about 200 meters,within 2 min walk.

Shenyang Spring Department Store
Shenyang Spring is famous for its forward and fashionable clothing and is greatly popular among young persons.Here collects more than 700 famous domestic and foreign brand boutiques, it is the distribution place of domestic and international clothing brands.
Route:On the left of Rose Hotel, about 400 meters, within 5 min. walk.

Routeon the right of Rose Hotel, about 500 meters, within 5 min walk.

Suning Appliance
One of the largest retailers of 3C (computer,commnication,appliance)in China.
Route:on the right of Rose Hotel, about 200 meters, within 2 min walk.
Gome Appliance
One of the largest electrical appliance retailers in China.
Route:on the left of Rose Hotel, about 500 meters, within 5 min walk.

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