Rose, flower of Shenyang, Rose, the home of guest.
Rose Hotel is a comprehensive four-star hotel that integrates with lodging, catering, conference and entertainment etc.And it is also the designated hotel of conference and accommodation that the government purchased.

Favorable Location
Rose Hotel located at the business center of the commercialzone-Zhongjie Road. It's just opposite to the famous shopping
center-Shenyang Commercial City,Wal-mart and New-Mart Shopping Mall.

Shenyang Imperial Palace and Marshal Zhang's Mansion are within 5 minutes walk. Supermarket, restaurant, snack, bar, laundry, luxury cinema, gymnasium and local opera house are inside or around. Bank of China and other 5 banks with 24hr ATM are all within 5 minutes.
Rose Hotel is also with convenient communications and favorable location. It's 3kilo away from Shenyang Railway Station, 5 kilo from Conference Exhibition Center, 25 kilo from Taoxian International Airport.
With the well-equipment and well-training staff, Rose Hotel severs many famous international company, such as Haier, Wal-mart etc.
Rose Origin
As the embodiment of love and beauty, Rose is the city flower of Shenyang. It's also the reason that Mr. Li Changchun, the member of Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee, former mayor of Shenyang Municipal, choose 'Rose' as the name of our hotel. Hence, the first star class Hotel of Shenyang, Rose Hotel, was born.

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