Recreation place around Rose Hotel

Liulaogen Local Opera
Special Errenzhuang Show by Mr.Zhao Benshang(the most famous star)'s student. Open: 19:00-21:00
Price:RMB 100-1800
Route: go down the Pedestrian Street and turn left,about 50 meters. Within 7 min walk.

Jinbihuihuang KTV
Top grade KTV, Open 24 hr.
Route: turn right, go down the Chaoyang St.,and turn left at the first cross.Within 5 min walk.

Guanglu Cinema
Top grade cinema
Route: on the left of Rose Hotel.Within 2 min walk.

Yongle Cinema(Chain)
Route: On the right of Rose Hotel, on the 6th floor of New-mart Shopping Mall. Within 3 min walk.

Dahe Bath Club
Top grade bath service place.
Route:Turn left,Go down the Chaoyang St. Turn right at the first cross, go straight to the Huaiyuan Gate.Within 15 min walk.

Bee House Club
Top grade bar and KTV Route: by taxi: RMB

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